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Drill Out Security Shield Anchor

Drill Out Hex Security Shield Anchor Stock Sizes

  • Security shield anchor
  • One way permanent fixing
  • Ideal for the construction industry
  • Usable for higher torque applications
  • Medium security resistance
  • Economic security screw

Tamper proof security hex drill out anchors available in steel zinc plate and are an ideal solution for the construction industry offering a permanent security application where maintenance is not an issue.

Size Drill Hole Diameter (mm) Maximum Fixture Thickness (mm) Maximum Hole Depth (mm) Recommended Tightening Torque (n.m.) Safe Static Loads (kn)
Tension Shear
M8 X 65 14 25 50 15 4.8 4.4
M10 X 75 16 25 60 27 6.2 6.1

Description: Drill Out Hex Security Shield Anchor

The hex drill out drive is specially designed to use standard tools but once the torque limit is reached the hex drive will round into a cylindrical drive, resulting in any tool to slip out making this the ideal permanent fixing for the construction industry.

Advantages of Shield Anchors

The tamper resistant hex drill out button security shield anchor as its name states has a hex socket drive, requiring a standard bit or key wrench to fasten. This simple but effective drill out feature renders the tamper resistant anchor tamper proof, reducing the risk of vandals or intruders tampering with the Anchor.

Due to the security drive design of the vandal resistant tamper hex drill out security anchor it is suitable for higher torque applications and is a one way permanent fixing making it the ideal security fastener for applications where maintenance is not required.

Tamper resistant hex drill out security anchors offer a medium security resistance against vandals and thieves at a relatively low cost, proving an economic and secure solution