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Slim Head Shear Bolts

Slim Head Shear bolts are secure fasteners used in applications requiring a permanent, one way tamper proof fixing that won’t need to be removed for maintenance or other reasons. They are sometimes called snap-off bolts as once they are fixed in place, the head of the bolt is ‘snapped off’ once it is fully tightened, meaning that the bolt cannot be unfastened or removed.

Shear bolts usually come with a thick, dome head on them, however Slim Head Shear Bolts come with a very thin head, leaving very little of the bolt protruding above the surface of the application and making it difficult to notice that there is even a bolt there.

  • Tamper proof – permanent security fixing
  • Security bolt with unique shear off (snap-off) feature
  • Fastened using a standard socket or spanner
  • Slim head ideal for thin plate that cannot be counterbored
  • Ideal for use in prisons, banks, automotive, MOD and aerospace

Shear Bolts are simple to use and can be fastened in place using a standard socket tool or spanner. As the bolt is tightened, the torque increases until the shear-off torque is reached. At this point the pressure applied snaps the top of the bolt off, leaving a plain slim head with no drive.

This is an ideal product to use in situations where security is a primary concern, such as in banks, prisons, military settings, and anything else where it is imperative that unauthorised access is prevented.

Slim Head Shear Bolts are available to order only in Stainless Steel and Steel, with other materials available on request. Our standard range starts from M3 up to M52, with sizes up to M100 available on request.

Non-standard sizes and materials are available to order as specials, including small volume manufacture, modifications and custom parts made to drawings.


Slim Head Shear Bolts
Thread Diameter Available Lengths
M3  3mm to 50mm
M4  3mm to 80mm
M5  5mm to 100mm
M6  3mm to 150mm
M8  8mm to 200mm
M10  10mm to 200mm
M12  12mm to 250mm
M14  20mm to 150mm
M16  16mm to 200mm
M18  25mm to 150mm
M20  20mm to 250mm
M22  30mm to 150mm
M24  30mm to 200mm
M27  50mm to 200mm
M30  60mm to 200mm
M33  70mm to 200mm
M36  80mm to 200mm
M39  90mm to 200mm
M42  100mm to 200mm
M45  110mm to 200mm
M48  120mm to 200mm
M52  130mm to 200mm
 Sizes up to M100 are available to order.

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