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Solar Panel Security Screw

Security screws to prevent theft of solar panels

Solar panel security screws feature a unique fan shaped drive and flange head with serrations under the head.  Manufactured from A2 stainless steel for outdoor use.

  • Corrosion resistant security screws
  • Designed to secure solar panels
  • Serrated flange head gives extra grip
  • Tamper proof – special driver tool required
  • High level of security resistance
  • 2-way reusable fixing to enable maintenance

The Solar Panel Security Screw has a unique fan shaped drive with a serrated flanged head that requires a special key wrench to insert and remove. The solar panel fixing tool is number engraved and designed for use in tight spaces and channels.

In addition to protecting solar panels, the fan style head makes this security screw suitable for other applications with a recess or channel, such as lamp posts and telephone switching cabinets. The drive is particularly effective in resistance to cam-out, which can occur more frequently in other drive types.

Solar Panel Security Screws can be used with various security nuts: Shear Nuts, Kinmar Reusable Nuts, Kinmar Permanent Nuts, 4-Hole Nuts or Pin Torx Barrel Nuts for added security.

Available in stainless steel and in M8 thread off the shelf with other diameters, lengths and materials available to order. Specials can be made to order subject to minimum order, please ask for details.

Length (mm) 20 25 30 35 40 45 50

Security solar bolt technical drawing

D DK (mm) K (mm) C (mm)
M8 12.8 6.35 1.6

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