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4-Hole Security Machine Screws

4 Hole Security Bolts & Screws have 4 location holes in the head section that are surrounded by a slim circular groove, requiring a special tool to tighten or remove. This unique feature provides a tamper proof fixing, reducing the risk of vandals or intruders tampering or undoing the screws.

  • Vandal resistant 2-way security fixing with unique 4 hole system
  • Tamper resistant re-usable security fixing
  • Requires special driver tool (can be registered if required)
  • Ideal for low to medium torque applications

4 hole security bolts and screws are typically used in design specific applications such as stainless steel architecture, balustrading and glass panels, and are specified by architects due to the pleasing aesthetics.

The standard 4-hole screw is ideal for lower security resistance where maintenance is required but the overall look of the job is more important.

Security MultiPin (4-Hole) Screws (Higher Torque & Premium Security)

We also offer a Security 4-hole MultiPin Screw, which is a complete special product made to order and can be made in most head forms (Pan, Countersunk, Button, Cap, Hex etc) and materials.

The MultiPin is a much higher security and one of the only security fasteners to be Home Office and Ministry of Defence approved. Suitable for much higher torque and heavier applications.

Each individual tool for the MultiPin is stamped and registered on a database along with all the customer details ensuring full traceability. The tools can also be refurbished, saving costs on purchasing new tools. The key feature, which defines the MultiPin is that the customer effectively purchases their own drive configuration, which is unique to them.

Tamper Resistant 4-hole security machine screws can be used with Security Wave Nuts, Shear Nuts, Kinmar Reusable Nuts, Kinmar Permanent Nuts, 4-Hole Nuts or Pin Torx Barrel Nuts for added security.

4 Hole Security bolts and screws are available to order only, generally manufactured in Stainless Steel, other materials on request. For more information and technical data please call us.

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