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Shear Bolt Anchor Countersunk Head

Countersunk head shear bolt security anchors

Countersunk shear bolt security ground anchors have a conical shaped head with a hexagonal nut at the top, this means that they can be tightened using a standard spanner or socket. Fully tightening the hexagon nut section until the pressure applied surpasses the maximum torque limit, results in the hexagonal part of the countersunk shear bolt security ground anchor to snap off (break off), leaving a plain tamper resistant flat head.

  • Permanent security anchor, ideal where maintenance is not required
  • Installed with standard spanner or socket
  • Hexagonal nut snaps off, leaving a smooth, tamper resistant countersunk head.
  • High level of resistance to vandalism and theft
  • Typically used in prisons, perimeter fencing, railings, security windows and door frames

Security ground anchor – countersunk head (sleeve type)

Countersunk shear bolt security ground anchors are suitable for higher torque applications and are 1 way permanent fixings making them ideal for applications where maintenance is not required.

Shear bolt security ground anchors are also referred to by other names including Snap Off Nut Anchors, Break away Nut Anchors, Breakaway Head Anchors, Shear Bolt Anchors, Security Snap Off Anchors & Perma Bolt Anchors.

Available from stock in stainless steel, M8 x 55 & M8 x 75 with other sizes and materials available to order (minimum quantities apply).

SIZE (DxL) Hole Size (D1) Min Hole Depth (H/D MIN) Max Fixture Thickness (F/T MAX) Spanner Size (SP) Recommended Torque
M8 X 65 10MM 55MM 5MM 15MM 19 N/M
M8 X 85 10MM 55MM 25MM 15MM 19 N/M

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Countersunk shear bolt anchor dim technical drawing

Shear Bolt Anchor Countersunk Head