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Shear Bolts Button Head

Shear snap-off button head bolts

For use where no maintenance is required, shear snap-off bolts are a premium 1-way permanent security solution.

  • Tamper proof – permanent security fixing
  • Security bolt with unique shear off (snap-off)feature
  • Fastened using a standard socket or spanner
  • Button head secure bolt
  • Ideal for use in prisons, banks, automotive, MOD and aerospace

How security shear bolts work

Button head shear bolts, (breakaway bolts, snap off bolts) offer a secure fixing solution for applications needing the highest level of security.

Fastened using a standard socket or spanner, the hexagonal portion attached to the button head snaps off once fully tightened, leaving a plain head with no drive with which to remove the bolt.

No security tools are required, however the bolt is irremovable once fastened in place, so these fixings are not suitable for applications requiring maintenance.

Security bolts available from stock and to order

Snap-off security bolts are usually manufactured in zinc, stainless steel or galvanised steel with other materials available.

Popular sizes are held in stock, with other sizes available to order with relatively short lead times. We can also manufacture to your specification or drawing.

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Thread / Length (mm) 6 8 10 12 14 16 20 25 30 35 40 45 50 55 60 65 70 75 80 100
 ** M3 to M100 available to order **


Vandal Resistant 1 Way Permanent Security Bolt With Unique Shear (Snap) Off Feature
Tamper proof – Permanent Security Fixing
Requires Standard Spanner or Socket

Security Shear Bolts Button Head

Button head Shear Bolts, also known as breakaway or snap off bolts, are a high security, premium, one way security bolt usually manufactured in zinc, stainless steel or galvanised mild steel with other materials available on request. They are usually made to order to your requirements or drawing, but do hold certain sizes in stock. Shear bolts are also available with a countersunk head.

These security bolts resemble a standard button head bolt with a hexagonal portion attached to the button head. They do not require a special tool and are fastened using a standard socket or spanner until the pressure applied exceeds the maximum torque limit on the bolt, at which point the hexagonal portion “snaps off” leaving a plain button head bolt with no drive available to remove it. Please see the video tab for a demonstration of how they work.

Shear bolts offer one of the best permanent security solutions available on the market and the nature of the bolt means that it is suitable for higher torque applications. It’s important to determine whether future maintenance will be required on your application in judging the suitability of shear bolts, as they cannot be removed once fastened. Button head shear bolts are often used in environments requiring high security such as prisons, banks, automotive, aerospace and Ministry of Defence.

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