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Brass Nuts
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Brass Nuts

Brass nuts are used alongside a mating bolt or screw to fasten multiple parts together – with Brass providing specific characteristics that makes them the perfect choice for many modern applications.

Widely utilised within industrial assemblies that take advantage of their high thermal conductivity, whilst their water resistant, corrosion resistant and anti-rust properties make them suitable for coastal applications or in most outdoor settings. They are also anti-bacterial – ideal for use in medical equipment or sterile environments.

Brass is a highly durable alloy that is great for heavy-duty work. This increases the lifespan of the nut once installed, especially if regular maintenance or adjustment is required.

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We supply Brass nuts in a wide range of sizes – either from stock or to order, typically with short lead times. These include the classic Hex full nuts and thin nuts, available with both coarse and fine pitch, as well as selection of Hexagonal nuts, Wing nuts and Knurled nuts.

Our full range of parts can be found below, each with detailed product information, size charts, drawings and technical specifications. Whilst they are mainly offered in a metric thread, some imperial thread nuts can also be supplied.

Here at Fastenright we can provide custom manufactured Brass fasteners to specification and drawings – in a variety of sizes, grades and finishes.

See our full range of Brass Fasteners here.

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