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Snake Eye Screw Fixings

Snake eye screws, also known as two-hole screws or pig nose screws , are a type of fastener designed with a unique drive configuration characterised by two small, round holes on the screw head. These holes resemble a snake’s eyes, hence the name “snake eye screws.” The drive design offers both security and aesthetics, making them popular in various applications where tamper resistance and visual appeal are desired.

The unique drive configuration of snake eye screws makes them resistant to tampering and unauthorised removal. The specialised driver bit required to install and remove these screws adds an extra layer of security, deterring vandalism, theft, and tampering in various applications.

Snake eye fixings find applications in a wide range of industries and environments where security and aesthetics are important. They are commonly used in electronics, machinery, signage, lighting fixtures, automotive components, and architectural hardware. Additionally, they are employed in public infrastructure, access control systems, and other security-sensitive applications.

These screws are available in various materials, including stainless steel, carbon steel, brass, and alloy steel, offering options for corrosion resistance, strength, and durability. They can also be coated or plated with different finishes, such as zinc, nickel, or black oxide, to enhance appearance and provide additional protection against corrosion.

Snake eye screws can be customised with specific drive configurations, thread sizes, lengths, and finishes to meet the requirements of different applications. Customised options may include unique drive patterns or proprietary designs to enhance security further.

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