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Interscrews, also known as binding screws or Chicago screws are very similar to barrel nuts. They are versatile fasteners commonly used for joining furniture or marine applications, especially in places where aesthetic appearance is important. They consist of two threaded cylindrical shafts (male and female) with corresponding screw heads on each end. When assembled, the male screw is inserted into the female nut and tightened, securely holding the components such as two panels together.

Available in a range of materials and finishes such as brass, steel, or aluminum, zinc, chrome providing durability and strength. Interscrews come in various lengths and diameters to accommodate different binding needs. A wide choice of tamper proof heads are available for applications where security is important.


  • Versatility – Can be used in a wide range of applications.
  • Professional Appearance – Interscrews offer a professional and polished look. They provide a neat and tidy finish with low profile or can even be entirely hidden.
  • Secure Fastening – Provide a secure and stable fastening on a variety of materials, as the male screw fastens into the internally threaded female nut.

See details of stock items here. Non-standard sizes and specials are available to order.

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